Membership Information

Membership for the 2020-2021 Season will begin in June 2020.

The 2019-2020 season is winding down as riders and teams begin their post-season competitions leading to Regionals, Zones, and National Finals.  While riders may still join teams at any time of year, competitions at this time may be limited depending upon the discipline.
Team Applications for the 2020-2021 season will re-open in June 2020 with a deadline of November 1, 2020.

A few tips when submitting applications:

  • Class numbers for all disciplines have been updated. You can view the new numbering system here.
  • All adult members must submit a certificate confirming that they have completed SafeSport Training through US Equestrian. More information can be found on our SafeSport page.
  • The Team application must be completed online before any riders may start their application for that team.
  • Rider applications will no longer ask for class assignments. Once a team roster is processed, the coach will log in to the IEA database and assign classes to each rider.
  • All adult members must complete the IEA Rules Quiz with a score of 80% or better. The 25 question quiz is open-book and designed to encourage a better understanding of the IEA Rules and Regulations.
  • A team is considered complete only when it contains all the necessary documentation. Please review the Membership Checklist for a complete list.
  • Printed and signed copies of each application, with all required signatures, must be received by the Membership Office before an application is considered complete. It is suggested to send all documents electronically by email or fax. If sending the documents by USPS, it is recommended to send with tracking. The office is not responsible for applications that are lost or delayed in delivery.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance must be included with the Coach application per Rule 2303.1.
  • Please allow 15 business days processing time for all complete applications.

Note For Coaches

The IEA is committed to increasing concussion awareness in equestrian sports.

It is important that IEA coaches recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion and head injuries in youth sports participants. To that end, IEA requires that coaches complete annually the free online training course in concussion recognition offered through the National Federation of State High School Associations at

Full details can be found on the Coach membership application

Application Fees (2019-2020)

Membership TypeBefore July 15, 2019After July 15, 2019After Nov. 1, 2019
Contributing Member$45$50$50
Steward $50$60$60
Junior Contributing Member$35$35$35
Intro Rider Member$35$35$35
Middle School Team$125$150Not Available
Upper School Team$125$150Not Available
Both Upper & Middle School Teams$200$225Not Available

Basic information for individuals who would like to start a new team

The IEA hosts 3 disciplines: Hunt SeatWestern, and Dressage.

An IEA team consists of at least 1 coach and 3 rider members. Depending on member history with the IEA, the team may be required to host or co-host a regular season horse show according to Rule 2301.9.

Riders are organized by their grade level.

  • Intro Riders in grades 4 & 5 are not eligible to compete on a new Middle School team.
  • Riders in grades 6 – 8 compete on a Middle School team.
  • Riders in grades 9 -12 compete on an Upper School team.
  • A minimum of 3 riders are needed to form each type and level of the above teams.

An IEA Coach must be at least 21 years old and covered by a liability policy that carries a minimum coverage of $500,000 per occurrence. The IEA offers coverage through Equisure that can be purchased through the Membership Office. ($150/year covers participation in IEA events and practices)

Contributing Members are adult members of the IEA. Contributing Members may join a team, be authorized to handle team communications and assist with paperwork with the coach’s permission.