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2017-2018 Youth Board

Your Zone 4 Hunt Seat Representative:

Abbe Humphries, Fortitude Farm

Zone 4 Updates

Senior Scholarships Awarded:
Thank you to all of the seniors and their excellent work. The three chosen
by the committee for this year's scholarships are:
First Place: Madison Taylor
Second Place: Abbe Humphries
Third Place: Anna Wermert

Zone Finals 2018 Scholarship Winner:
Jordan Dillenbeck, Team Need a Hand

Zone Horsemanship Test Scholarship Winners:
First: Jordan Knight, Sycamore Hills, Region 10
Second: Natalie Soper, High Point, Region 1
Third: Nicole Imbeault, Lassiter High, Region 3
Fourth: Taylor Meek, Team Need a Hand, Region 10
Fifth: Amanda Zagata, Four Moons Farm, Region 4
Sixth: Sarah Mooney, Four Moons Farm, Region 4

Congratulations to all!!

Regional Allotments to Zone 4 Hunt Seat Finals



Photos from 2017 Zone 4 Finals

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