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Promote Life-Long Involvement in Equestrian Sport.

Every donation makes a difference.

IEA’s mission is to promote lifelong involvement in equestrian athletics by offering a unique program of draw-based (catch-ride) competition meaning that no rider is required to own a horse or riding equipment, making it a more affordable way for riders to participate. Please consider supporting the IEA by making a donation.

Interscholastic Equestrian Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and GuideStar Gold Seal charity. Donations are tax-deductible.

You can help increase our impact on grass roots access to equestrian sport.

$30 buys one lesson for a financial aid recipient.

$50 covers the entry fee at a regular season show for a financial aid recipient.

$150 covers the cost of providing a horse for Regional or Zone Finals.

$250 provides the Pony Bar treats for the horses at National Finals.

$500 covers the cost of providing a horse for the National Finals.

$600 covers the travel/work stipend for a Youth Board member to attend National Finals.

$1,000 covers the cost of The National Sportsmanship Award Scholarship.

$2,000 supports a rider in need of financial assistance to participate for a full season of competition.

$7,500 covers the facility rental for a Zone Final.

$12,000 covers the cost of live streaming the National Finals so that members and families not able to attend in person can be a part of the event.

Support the IEA!

Here are just a few of the ways your gift will support equal opportunity for young equestrian athletes, no matter their circumstances.

General Purpose

Supports All IEA General Programming providing flexible and immediate impact where and when it’s needed most.

The IEA BENEVOLENT FUND was established to provide a Financial Assistance Program for young riders in grades 4-12 who need funding assistance to enable them to take lessons and compete in the IEA. Financial Aid provides support for membership fees, bi-weekly riding lessons, and 5 shows of entry fees, plus potential travel money and entries for post-season finals. The Benevolent Fund also provides emergency funding for our coaches who experience an unexpected event that impedes their ability to work such as illness, accidents, barn fires, natural disasters, and other unexpected tragedies that translate into a loss of personal business income through the Coaches Assistance Grant.

By supporting IEA scholarships, you’re empowering talented young equestrian athletes with opportunities, like attending specialized horse training programs or pursuing degrees related to their equestrian passion. You’re not just investing in their education; you’re building a future generation of knowledgeable and skilled equestrians.

The IEA YOUTH BOARD was created to provide an avenue for which to hear the youth voice and offer leadership opportunities to our young rider members. The Youth Board consists of elected representatives from all IEA Zones and disciplines. Members serve one-year terms running from July to June.

Interested in learning more about how you or your organization could help support the IEA? 

Contact Resource Development Director, Kathy Dando at


Thank You for Your Support!

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Contact Resource Development Director,

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Give at Work through Benevity

Access hundreds of giving, volunteering, and granting programs at 900+ leading purpose-driven brands through Benevity. IEA supporters can search for Interscholastic Equestrian Association through your workplace giving program portal (Spark). Donors who give through the Benevity platform can create “giving opportunities” for IEA through their workplace giving program. They can potentially feature the IEA to their colleagues and even create peer matching opportunities.

You Can Maximize Your Giving for Greater Impact

Your employer may pay you for volunteer hours at an IEA Horse Show or maximize your charitable gift by matching your donation dollars! Many purpose-driven companies match employee donations or volunteer hours to the causes that are important to them.

Don’t see the IEA in your corporate giving portal?  Nominate IEA for inclusion to your employer!

Thank You to Our Donors!
(July 1, 2022 to Present)

  • Junior Essex Troop of Calvary
  • The Muzzy Family and MZ Farms

  • Hannah Bentz 
  • The Coffee Family Giving Fund
  • Colantuoni Family
  • JPMorgan Chase Good Works Employee     Giving Program
  • Jace Kohlmeier
  • Jill and Ken Moss
  • Kate Sharkey
  • Lettie Teague

  • Jessica Bradley
  • Taylor Breland
  • Kathryn Dando
  • Jeryl Davis
  • Roxane Durant
  • Olga Eligulashvili
  • Leah Fiorentino
  • The Flory Family
  • Amanda Garner
  • Kathy Gorsky
  • Clare Knapp
  • Myron Leff
  • Julie Marino
  • Catherine Muzzy
  • Katie Schaaf
  • Kurt Schiller
  • Betsy Smith
  • State Line Tack

  • Maggie Adams
  • Anna Backus King
  • Dustin Boehmer
  • Elise Brumbach
  • Jake Ciuccio
  • Laren Coffey
  • Mo Dosen
  • Rebecca Ford
  • Suzanne Franchetti
  • Hollins Riding at Hollins University
  • Intermont Equestrian at Emory & Henry College
  • Christy Landwehr
  • Lea Leavitt-Arpell
  • Claudia Safarz
  • Jill Schwab
  • Laren Test
  • Diane Weiner
  • Lara Andrusko
  • Phil Arellano
  • Nancy Arledge
  • Heidi Austin
  • Christien Babbel
  • Andra Barker
  • Jessica Barwick
  • Marina Bibawi
  • Michael Birney
  • Bridle Path Tack
  • Gaby Carr
  • Lana Ciaramella
  • Tiffany Clark
  • Michelle Crosier
  • Avery Davis
  • Madeline Dennis-Yates
  • Jennifer Derochers
  • Amy Dillon
  • Jennifer Eaton
  • Michelle Franz
  • Holly Frixione
  • Sarah Glasgow
  • Stephanie Gomes
  • Betsy Gonzalez
  • Gayle Greenlaw
  • Donna Hepner
  • Shauna Horvath
  • Amy Hove
  • Tara Jedele
  • Tara Larson
  • Carly Leitch
  • Dr. Linda Light
  • Christiane Mack
  • Melanie Mader
  • Kathy Maggi
  • Kimberly Marino
  • Wendy Marque
  • Nichole McColley
  • Montana McKnight
  • Jill Meadows
  • Erin Miller
  • Katie Morehead
  • Rachel Mould
  • Ellen Ng
  • Robert O’Dell
  • Dan Pergiel
  • Kathyrn Quinlan
  • Jolene Reeves
  • Cristina Ruale
  • Elaine Schott
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Jodi Stephen
  • L. Thorton
  • Jody Tieking
  • Simon Towns
  • Julie Twedt
  • Sarah Wagenheim
  • Braelyn Webb
  • Kimber Whanger
  • Savanah Whyard

  • Something Stellar, Multiple time IEA                “Horse of the Show” placed by Karen Greenwood
  • Stewie, The Best IEA Horse That Ever Was!    placed by Kate Sharkey
  • Patricia Salera placed by John Salera