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Referral Program for Adult Members

The “Referral Program” recognizes that the coach and contributing members of the IEA are our primary recruiters of new IEA members.

Any adult member of the IEA who is responsible for the enrollment of a new equine professional (coach) that successfully enrolls a team (3 members) will be credited $50. To be eligible for this program, the new equine professional (coach) cannot have a returning coach on their team, but may have returning rider members.

Upon confirmation of new team status as of January 1st, the referring IEA adult member will receive payment by check from the IEA to the address on file.

There is no limit to how many credits an adult member can receive!!

Please note that there can be only one credited referral per new team. Credit is determined by the name listed on the new team’s application.

For more information about how the program works, please contact the IEA Membership Office.

IEA Membership Office
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