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IEA Announces 2018-2019 Youth Board Members

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) announced the elected members of the 2018-2019 IEA Youth Board. The Youth Board was created by the IEA’s Education Committee in 2016 and is governed by Adult Advisors Shara Prieskorn (Membership Office Coordinator), Simon Towns (Zone Captain), Sue Wentzel (National Steward) and Kimber Whanger (Communications Coordinator), as well as two IEA Alumni Hannah Bentz and Aubrey Braham.

The IEA Youth Board is structured with one student representative from each of the ten Hunt Seat Zones and four representatives from among the nine Western Regions.

Each of the following representatives submitted their application for candidacy with a resume and two letters of recommendation. After verifying each application, an election was held in each zone and the members of that zone elected their representative.

“The IEA Youth Board has become an invaluable addition to our organization,” stated IEA Co-Founder and Executive Director Roxane Durant. “This program gives adult IEA members and leadership an avenue to hear the youth voice and to offer an opportunity for mentorship, volunteerism, and leadership growth to IEA youth members. As in previous years, we have found the Youth Board to be fantastic advocates for IEA and equestrian sport in general and we look forward to another fun Youth Board year.”

The 2018-2019 IEA Youth Board Representatives are as follows:

  • Zone 1: Kasi Ray – a Junior from Hampden, Massachusetts and a member of ABF Equine
  • Zone 2: Amelia von Korff – a Senior from Port Washington, New York and a member of Wildwood-Goldcoast
  • Zone 3: Emily Grace Swinson – a Sophomore from Sanford, North Carolina and a member of Fox Run Equestrian
  • Zone 4: Kelly Dickson – a Senior from Atlanta, Georgia and a member of Fortitude Farm
  • Zone 5: Emma Carrol – a Senior from Cincinnati, Ohio and a member of Childress Rodgers Stables Equestrian Team
  • Zone 7: Celeste Fazioli – a Senior from Seabrook, Texas and a member of Blackjack Lane
  • Zone 8: Emily Johnson – a Junior from Chandler, Arizona and a member of Scottsdale Equestrian Team
  • Zone 10: Alex Bischoff – a Senior from Simi Valley, California and a member of Elvenstar
  • Zone 11: Allison Dodd – a Senior from Allison Park, Pennsylvania and a member of Candy Acres Lane
  • Region 5-1: Ava Sinclair – a Sophomore from LaPorte, Indiana and a member of Hidden Hills Equestrians
  • Region 4: Claire Pound – a Senior from Columbia, South Carolina and a member of Hammond School Equestrian Team
  • Region 4: Maddie Hawkins – a Junior from Murfreesboro, Tennessee and a member of Team Need A Hand
  • Region 11: Kaylee Luckiewicz – a Sophomore from Turnersville, New Jersey and a member of Saddlebrook Equestrian Team
  • Alumni Representative: Hannah Bentz from Boca Raton, Florida and a former member of Wall Street Farm Wellington IEA Team
  • Alumni Representative: Aubrey Braham from Grove City, Pennsylvania and former member of Grove City Area Equestrian Team