Junior Contributing Members in Grades 4 – 12 are eligible to participate in the IEA's program that emphasizes horsemanship skills and knowledge.

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Educational Videos Courtesy of the Certified Horsemanship Association

When working around horses, the IEA recommends doing so only when under the supervision of an equine professional.

How to Pick A Horse's Hoof:

Leading A Horse:

Danger Zones Around the Horse:

Equine Vital Signs and How to Take Them:

Information Resources to Prepare for Quizzes

USPC Manuals of Horsemanship:

Purchase Basics for Beginners -D

Purchase Intermediate Horsemanship -C

Quiz Release Schedule

  1. Safety – September 19
  2. Parts, Colors and Markings of the Horse – October 1
  3. Grooming – November 1
  4. Tack and Equipment – December 1
  5. Basic Health and First Aid – January 1
  6. Nutrition – February 1
  7. Bandaging – March 1
  8. IEA Rules and Regulations – April 1
  9. Other Disciplines and Equine Associations – May 1
  10. Final Quiz – June 1

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