Columbus, Ohio – February 9, 2017 – Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA), as in every past year, has set a record for membership. This season, membership exceeds 13,500.

In 2002, the IEA started with 175 riders on 13 teams. While the increased membership this season has come from across the United States, a significant number of new members have come from Illinois, Colorado, Texas and Arizona. The most exciting addition to the membership this year is the emergence of five new teams in Washington State, mobilizing a previously inactive area of the country for the IEA.

"The membership that has emerged from Washington State represents an important milestone for the IEA," stated Jennifer Eaton, IEA Membership Coordinator, "The IEA hopes this new development will result in the organic growth of teams that span the west coast, from Seattle to San Diego."

The IEA is now the largest youth equestrian organization in the country, and the largest feeder organization to collegiate equestrian programs.

IEA membership rates are very affordable. Fees are $60 per individual rider for the season. Most important, there is no need for any rider to own a horse to participate in the IEA.