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IEA Lend Us A Hand Campaign

What can $5.00 buy you these days? A cup of fancy coffee? A birthday card? A drive-through cheeseburger. A bottle of hand sanitizer?
Five dollars. Five bucks. One dollar for each finger on your hand. Five.
It may not seem like $5.00 can buy much these days, but what would your five dollars mean to IEA? With thousands of IEA members nationwide – if ONE THIRD of our membership donated just $5.00 each – we would reach our fundraising goal of $30,000 this season for replenishing the IEA Benevolent Fund.
The Fund that sends money to help IEA coaches who have lost horses in a tragic barn fire. The Fund that allows a talented young IEA rider whose family struggles to keep their heat on participate in riding lessons. The Fund that helps a coach get back on their feet after a life-threatening illness has set them back a year. The Fund that gives opportunities where there may otherwise be none.
That Fund.
Five dollars. Will YOU lend us a hand?  Donate here:
Thank you for lending support to those who need it most.  We are HORSE PEOPLE HELPING HORSE PEOPLE.