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IEA Announces DRESSAGE Virtual Horse Show

IEA is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all current IEA Dressage riders and coaches with our DRESSAGE VIRTUAL HORSE SHOW hosted by Spotlight Horse Shows.

As you are probably aware, digital or virtual horse shows have been popping up everywhere since the beginning of the pandemic. For many equestrians, they have opened the door to competition and practice opportunities where regular in-person shows have been cancelled.

The IEA Dressage Virtual Show is an opportunity for IEA members to participate in the individual Dressage Test or Dressage Seat Equitation classes that they are placed in for this current IEA season.

Spotlight Horse Shows has put together all the information, including a helpful “How To” Video on registering for this virtual show.

  • Classes are $35 each plus a $5 show office fee.
  • Registration Opens on November 15 and Closes on November 29
  • Videos must be uploaded by December 13
  • Judging will take place in December
  • Placings will be announced in IEA communications and social media before December 25, 2020.

Note: This is not an IEA point show. It is an educational opportunity for riders to receive scores and feedback from the judge.