IEA COVID-19 Resource Hub

During these extraordinarily difficult times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2019-2020 season was ended, but not completed.  The IEA Board and management made decisions based upon best information available and translated the data into keeping our riders, coaches, staff and supporters as healthy as possible.

We look forward to our 2020-2021 season beginning in August, and our primary goal is to keep everyone associated with our organization safe and healthy in the new season, while still providing an opportunity to ride and compete.  To do so, the IEA COVID-19 Task Force has created a Good/Better/Best IEA Event Guideline and a COVID-19 Resource Guide.  In addition, a few Rules have been amended/added so we can adjust to operating in this environment.

The IEA will consistently monitor the COVID-19 situation and adapt accordingly. National/State/Local Government and/or Health Department rules may differ from these IEA Guidelines/Rules.  In ALL cases, the more restrictive regulations, recommendations, guidelines and requirements will prevail.  Please review appropriate information before holding/attending an IEA event.




The IEA acknowledges that there are multiple sources of COVID-19 information.  The list below represents a few recommended sources related specifically to equine events in relation to COVID-19 protocol, as well as information related to each state’s current COVID-19 status and restrictions.