Addendum to Western Post Season:

Due to the lack of growth in 2015-2016 all qualified WESTERN teams and riders in Zone 2 will advance directly to Zone finals, without the need for regional finals. Horsemanship classes will not split into heats to call back until they reach 14 to coincide with Hunt Seat class numbers at the same Zone Finals.

September 25
Date Host Location Contact Competition Type
September 25 Autumn Rose Farm Equestrian Team
Co-Host: H H Cooper
Autumn Rose Farm
9868 Allen Dr
Dublin, OH 43017
Zone 5 Region 2 Priority
Upper & Middle School
October 16
Date Host Location Contact Competition Type
October 16 Crimson Acres IEA Team Crimson Acres Equestrian Center
16 Daniel Shays Highway
Orange, MA 01364
Zone 1 Region 1 Priority
Upper & Middle School