2016-17 IEA Youth Board
Hunt Seat Western
Zone 1 Shannon Gorsky
Full Circle Farm
Grace Markowski
Zone 2 Kimberly Pokstis
Greystone Stables
Anna Lia Sullivan
Zone 3 Elizabeth Trexler
Chatham Hall
Zone 4 Abbie Humphries
Fortitude Farm
Zone 5 Haley Carsonie
Sid Griffith
Keegan Lammers
Zone 7 Alexandra Prymek
Hidden Acres
Madison Vance
Diamond V Ranch
Zone 8 Fallon O'Connell
Scottsdale Equestrian
Zone 10 Alex Bischoff

IEA Youth Board Statement of Purpose

The IEA Youth Board has been created to give adult IEA members and leadership an avenue to hear the youth voice and to offer an opportunity for leadership to IEA youth members.

IEA Youth Board Structure

The Youth Board will be structured as follows:

  • Two Youth Board Advisors
  • Two Alumni Members
  • 10 Hunt Seat representatives and 4 Western representatives

The members will elect from among themselves four officers: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The president and vice president positions will be filled by upper school students.

The IEA Education Committee (EdC) has appointed Sue Wentzel and Sharalyn Prieskorn as IEA Youth Board Advisors for the 2017-2018 competition year.

The student representatives will be elected within their area as described below, and serve a one year term. Past members must apply again.

IEA Youth Board Declaration of Candidacy

IEA riders who wish to sit on the Youth Board must:

  • Have two years of IEA experience as an active member
  • Submit the official IEA Youth Board application along with two letters of recommendation
  • Applicants must choose to run for either Hunt Seat or Western. Cross over riders must declare a discipline for which to run.
  • Submit one photo which will be posted with your application.

IEA Youth Board Application

  • Applicants will submit their youth board application along with two letters of recommendation, and one photo of yourself, to info@rideiea.org by June 9, 2017. All materials must be sent at the same time in one email. Please do not include additional materials. Your application and photo will be shared with rider members during voting.
  • The EdC will review all applicants and confirm they meet the criteria listed above to hold a Youth Board position.
  • All active riders will receive a list of eligible candidates along with their photo and application via e-mail from IEA and will elect representatives within their area.
  • The results of the election will be announced by end of July 2017.

IEA Youth Board Duties

The IEA Youth Board members will:

  • Act as a voice for the IEA membership population
  • Meet quarterly via conference call/skype to discuss issues
  • Assist with presentation of class awards at IEA national finals
  • Assist in social media contributions (online games, contests, activities, photo journals, etc.)
  • Maintain an online blog, Twitter account, Instagram, and/or Facebook page
  • Promote the #rideiea hashtag on social media through official youth board postings
  • Write a quarterly column for Take The Reins
  • Represent the IEA as youth ambassadors at various outreach and marketing programs throughout the year
  • Research potential scholarship opportunities for IEA members
  • Lead a meeting for all IEA members in their zone at their zone show
  • Hold one fundraiser per zone per year, with help from each zone administrator and approval of youth board advisor. Funds raised may benefit the IEA, some other philanthropic cause (i.e therapeutic riding), or a combination of both

IEA Youth Board Application

  • Completed application form (link to application form is below)
  • Download the application and save it to your computer before sending
  • One letter of reference from your IEA coach
  • One letter of reference from another source (youth leader, teacher, scout leader, etc. -- parents are excluded from being the other source)
  • One photo of yourself

If you have any questions about the Youth Board or the application process, please feel free to contact the Youth Board Advisors Sue Wentzel and Sharalyn Prieskorn at info@rideiea.org.

IEA Education Committee

Amanda Garner (chair)
Sharalyn Prieskorn
Simon Towns
Alicia Story
Tammy Braham
Jane DaCosta
James Morris