Junior Contributing Members in Grades 4 – 12 are eligible to participate in the IEA's NEW program that emphasizes horsemanship skills and knowledge.

Visit the IEA's Frequently Asked Questions for complete details.

How to participate:

  1. Complete a Junior Contributing Member Application
  2. Submit a Horsemanship Enrollment Form
  3. Complete 10 online Horsemanship Knowledge Quizzes in your age group.
  4. Use the IEA Horsemanship Journal to track your progress
  5. Score 75% or better on the Final Horsemanship Knowledge Quiz
  6. Submit a Horsemanship Program Completion Form

Quizzes for Jr Contributing Members

Horsemanship Knowledge Quizzes

  • Check back soon – new quizzes will be added each month
  • Quizzes may not work properly if accessed from a mobile device

Horsemanship Gallery #IEAHP