Last year, we were able to fully underwrite lessons, entry fees and travel for four students and to partially fund three others.

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November 2014

Dear IEA Riders, Families, Coaches, Alumni and Friends,

Even though the IEA has created an affordable program for youngsters in grades 6-12 to compete in equestrian sport, the applications for financial assistance keep increasing.

In the 2013-2014 season, the IEA was able to help two coaches that suffered significant physical injuries that sidelined them from their professional income, and we supported seven riders that would not have been able to participate in the IEA without our financial aid program.

This year we have an unprecedented TWENTY-SEVEN applicants to the Financial Aid program. We were only able to guarantee partial grants for many of these riders in the regular season, and if they qualify for post-season, we may not have the funds to additionally support them.

Realistically, we would need to raise $45,900 in order to fully finance this many riders. Last year we only raised 10%of this amount. Each year, the IEA transfers a significant amount of operational funds to meet the goals of supporting as many individuals as possible. However, the need this year is way beyond our resources if we are to provide assistance to all 27 applicants.

A gift as little as $25 can pay for a lesson, and any amount is appreciated to replenish the fund. Every day, more families are struggling, and their children are in jeopardy of leaving the IEA. By working together, we can give all IEA riders, regardless of financial burdens, an opportunity to continue in equestrian sport.

All donations are tax-deductible. Please submit the form below if you are sending a payment by mail, or you can visit the IEA website: and click the "Donate" button to make your contribution.

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Thank you!

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Roxane Lawrence, Executive Director